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Watts Up Cleantech is here to shine light on the clean energy industry.

Get to know cleantech companies and the individuals leading them. Learn about how they’re helping our transition to a clean energy economy.

Students asking yourselves how you can land a job in a field you’re passionate about--this blog is for you.

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Why clean energy matters

We humans have made grand advancements in the last few centuries. We’ve built highways that connect the East Coast to the West. We built planes that fly non-stop for 17 hours from Houston, Texas to Sydney, Australia. 

We’ve achieved big things, but in the process, we’ve flooded our atmosphere with greenhouse gasses. Manufacturing the cement that goes into our highways adds massive amounts of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Powering your air conditioning system and charging your phone requires electricity, which still largely comes from fossil fuels.

The result—our global climate is heating up at unprecedented, dangerous levels.

Overhauling our energy sources is something we can all come together on. We must transition to a clean energy economy, an economy that is fueled not by fossil fuels, but by renewable energy sources.  



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A little background.

Hailing from Indiana (I do love corn, but have never tipped a cow), I left the Midwest to go to college in Washington, DC.

In undergrad, I became particularly interested in global climate change and renewable energy. I kicked off my career in strategy consulting, but after a few years I had a strong desire to pivot to the renewables industry full time.

I Googled “clean energy companies in New York" countless times. I set up job alerts on LinkedIn. I did the research I could, but the information was lacking.

I've talked to other members of the cleantech community, and so many others had the same experience. We knew we wanted to be in clean energy, but where to go from there wasn’t so clear. Enter Watts Up Cleantech.